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Here are some people I think are really neat - go visit them!

Jen Waldman Studio

I sing the praises of JWS! Jen gave me confidence to break down the barriers that were holding me back. She changed my perspective as a person and an artist. Insightful and intuitive, Jen reads people like a book. JWS's strong community of like- minded people is one of its most inspiring features.

Matt Deming

Matt is the amazing voice teacher who taught me how to belt! An exceptional teacher, friend and mentor, he is unbelievably patient and somebody I have grown to trust.

Courtney Ortiz

Courtney is one of the very best dancers that I know and an excellent choreographer. (She also knits a mean scarf!) Once you meet my dear friend, you'll want to keep her in your loop. I like to tout her wonderfulness to people.

Brad Bong

Brad is also a dear friend who is insanely talented and very generous. Not only is he one of the best high tenors I've ever heard, but also he will go above and beyond for you. He's just a good person.

Billy B. Photography

I've done all of my NY headshots with Billy. He makes you feel so comfortable and at ease, and he always brings out the best in people. I recommend him to everybody!

The Dancers Studio

My mom is my biggest inspiration. Her studio is in its twenty-sixth year. Between teaching children of former students to mentoring kids who consider her their second mom, she truly built a loyal community. With a little bit of tough love, she wants kids to have a good time and to get the training they deserve. I'm so proud of her for keeping the studio going all these years, and for always supporting me in my goals.

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